Today in the city Melbourne Village 24.05.2018

Sloth bear mother and cubs rescued from abandoned well

A mother sloth bear and her two cubs were rescued after they accidentally fell into an open well near a village in eastern India.

Tropical Storm Hits Yemen's Socotra, State of Emergency Declared

DUBAI (Reuters) - Yemen declared a state of emergency on Socotra on Thursday after a tropical storm flooded several villages and capsized boats on...

Roadside Bomb Kills Two Village Guards in Turkey's Southeast: Sources

DIYARBAKIR, Turkey (Reuters) - Two Turkish village guards were killed and three others wounded when a roadside bomb exploded on Thursday as their...

‘Deadpool 2’ actress Morena Baccarin ready to part with Spanish duplex in Atwater

After a nearly record-setting opening weekend for her latest film, “Deadpool 2,” Morena Baccarin is hoping the hot streak continues. Records show the Brazilian American actress has put an investment p...

Rohingya Militants Massacred Hindus, Amnesty Says: 'They Were All Slaughtered'

Amnesty International alleges a Rohingya insurgent group killed dozens of villagers last August. Afterward, Myanmar launched a campaign that one U.N. official says bears the "hallmarks of genocide."

No link between homeless villages and crime rates, Guardian review suggests

Guardian study of two US cities finds crime is likelier to go down than up in neighborhoods that host city-sanctioned encampmentsThey stood in a rainy parking lot under fir trees, 60 homeless men and...

Report claims Rohingya militant group massacred nearly 100 Hindus

Members of a Rohingya militant group allegedly massacred dozens of men, women and children, execution-style in Hindu villages in Myanmar's Rakhine State last year, according to a new Amnesty Internati...

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